Petrified DDNS Client

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Petrified is a bash client to update dynamic DNS at; the goals are for simplicity, flexibility and configurability which using the minimal system tools installed with most distributions.


Several configuration methods:

  • /etc/petrified.conf
  • ~/.petrifiedrc
  • -c (config) on the commandline

High level items of interest:

  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • PID usage to prevent race conditions or stacked crons
  • Logging via journald, syslog, stdout and a logfile simultaneously
  • Local IP reporting for use with internal DNS entries
  • Caching of the last IP to reduce upstream impact
  • Usable via cron, NetworkManager dispatcher, commandline, etc.


Utilities Package
logger, kill util-linux
printf, touch, date, cat, rm coreutils
bash bash
ip iproute2
curl curl


Copy the default configuration file to /etc/petrified.conf for global use, ~/.petrifiedrc for user-level use, or another location as desired. At a minimum the DDNS_KEY variable must be configured for basic usage; all other variables are preconfigured for system level (root) usage.

If implementing at the user level, be sure and set the various file location options to a directory that is writable by the user; the default config is fully documented and should make sense.


Usage is simple - just run petrified and check your log(s).

To use a custom configuration file, the -c (config) parameter is supported; note that using this option will not read the global/local configuration files and only use the variables from this custom file.


Prior to writing this software, several contributions were made to:

  • afraid-dyndns
  • fdnsc

The original version of petrified was influenced by these two software package's concepts, however actual code was not used.


Copyright (c) Troy Engel

This code is licensed under the GNU GPLv3, see LICENSE for details.


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