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LDAP with Active Directory

AD does not use the exact same attributes that Thunderbird is expecting for autocomplete; once the AD LDAP server is set up in Thunderbird it will have preferences based on the name given it; replace MYSERVER with the correct name below.

  1. Open the Thunderbird Preferences, select the Advanced -> General tab</li>
  2. Click Config Editor (dismiss the warning if it appears)</li>
  3. Rightmouse click and chose New -> String Value to add these items (so repeat the process for each pair below):
    Preference name: ldap_2.servers.MYSERVER.attrmap.DisplayName
    Preference value: displayName
    Preference name: ldap_2.servers.MYSERVER.autoComplete.commentFormat
    Preference value: [displayName]
    Preference name: ldap_2.servers.MYSERVER.autoComplete.nameFormat
    Preference value: [displayName]
    Preference name: ldap_2.servers.MYSERVER.autoComplete.filterTemplate
    Preference value: (|(mail=*%v*)(displayName=*%v*)(givenName=*%v*)(sn=*%v*)(cn=*%v*))